5 Reasons why Your Child Will Love Hibiscus

Hibiscus or popularly known as Gumamela to us Filipinos is one of the most common ornamental plants we can see around the neighborhood.  Behind that sweet and colorful beauty is a plant that can give us a lot of medicinal benefits. This is why we have taught my 3-year old son how to make our own hibiscus juice. As a mother, I encourage my mommy friends to do the same.

Here are some good reasons why:

1.) If you remember your science class in elementary, you were asked to bring or study a gumamela to know the different parts of a flower. Sepal, petal, stamen, pistil, so on and so forth. Yes, we have been taught that gumamela is a complete flower which carries both male and female parts.Elmo sorts out gumamela

For parents who have children now in primary school, they surely know what a gumamela is. But there’s more to gumamela than using it for a science experiment. Let’s stimulate the minds of our children through things they can experience in our backyard and expose them more to nature beyond textbooks can teach them.Gumamelas are so easy to plant and take care of. If you don’t have one, surely someone in your neighborhood does.

2.) Gumamelas are so easy to plant and take care of. If you don’t have one, surely someone in your neighborhood does.

When I started making hibiscus juice, I thought I would have to wait too long for the flowers to grow back. But a day after I first picked gumamelas, I was surprised that the plant grew fresh ones right away. Like mentioned earlier, it is a complete flower that reproduce itself every day.

With a gumamela in your garden, you can get so many things from its flowers. Natural, healthy and totally free!

3.) Gumamelas are used as herbal medicine, poultice placed on the skin to reduce pain and decoction to treat common ailments that kids get like coughs, fever, constipation, urinary and bladder infections. And a lot more for everyone.

Personally, I am not fond of medicine or vitamins even when I was a kid. I thought I was just lazy to take them. I realized that my body and my mind just don’t want them. Now that I have my own son, I also do the same with him. No vitamins, no medicines. Well, one of the very rare moments I had to take some was when I went through caesarean section. But instead of taking them for the next 6 months, I stopped on the 7th day.

To be honest about my indifference for him to take any vitamins or medicines from the pharmacy, it is more of a lesson that I learned. For the first couple of months after giving birth, I diligently brought Elmo to his pediatrician until I realized after each visit that the doctor only told me the same things or things that I already knew. But then I have to pay her P300 per visit which was just a big waste of money plus we had to buy those vitamins she recommended. Since then, I stopped bringing Elmo to the pediatrician when it is not necessary.

Two weeks ago, he caught some flu. I got worried because he would wake up crying in the middle of the night, having a hard time to breathe. The next day, I made gumamela tea first thing in the morning for him to drink. So, he kept drinking gumamela tea every day and he got well in no time. Even on regular days, we have gumamela tea for his afternoon snacks.

On other days, we tried fresh ginger tea however he didn’t like the taste.

It was not hard at all for him to take the gumamela tea because he loves its taste. For him, drinking gumamela tea is both for pleasure and health reasons.

4.) Have you ever tried making your own bubbles out of the gumamela? For starters, you simply grind the petals and the leaves until its pulp becomes thick. You can also mix it with unscented dishwashing liquid to make it stickier. And you can definitely do this at home on your next playtime!

5.) Whenever your child has some friends coming over, serving them a gumamela tea is much healthier than other artificial juices. Plus they will love the taste!

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  1. You are a super mom Vic! Thanks for sharing the wonderful information. You are always on point with so much you share. I will take your advice…i know it will work in some awesome ways. Thanks for taking the time to share gems like these. Pray all is well with you and your son. Hugs and blessings to you always !

  2. W.Christopher says:

    You indeed good and caring not only for your own consumption but even for the rest.may God bless u and happy new yr 2017

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