A day in Nagtabon, Puerto Princesa

Because we live in a tropical country, a photo of bikini in Palawan is already over-rated. *wink*


So, yeah. Finally, I’ve been to Puerto Princesa. Beautiful, beautiful island with the purest souls in it.

No, I didn’t rush myself to see the different spots in Palawan like El Nido or Coron. For 9 days, I was exploring Puerto Princesa by feet or sometimes on a motorcycle. I’ve met a bunch of locals offering me food and good stories to share, expecting only one thing in return — for me to come back and be a part of them.

The farthest I’ve gone to is Nagtabon. A place not at all common to foreign or local visitors. My amazing host was kind enough to share his favorite place. He offered me his motorbike that I had to tell him I know how to drive but I have my own fears of riding it.

Luckily two days after, a fellow traveler was on his way to visit the place. When I heard him saying he was going, I prepared my stuff in just a few minutes. I’m probably one of the few travelers who is too scared to drive a motorcycle, so I hopped on the bike with my new friend driving it. It took us more than an hour to find this precious gem. Every time we went by a winding curve, I found myself closing my eyes and holding my breath. Once we’ve reached the dirt road, we had to go down the slope for a kilometer more to reach the beach. It was just like Shek-O beach in Hong Kong that you have to go up and around the mountain down to the shore. From the road, I could already see the white sand. But I had to hold on my friend as we went down.


As I was taking off my clothes to swim, a lady approached us. Instantly, we became friends! She introduced herself as Josephine. We talked a bit and I found out that they are spending the summer vacation with her husband’s parents who live by Nagtabon beach. Their family takes care of the coconut plantation of a German family who lives somewhere else.

After some time spent swimming, we came back with two fresh coconuts waiting for us. My friend was not in the mood for some coco juice, so I happily finished everything. I could even taste its freshness as I am talking about it right now.


Her husband, Kuya Ronald, even invited me to sleep over the night so he could have time to catch some seafood for me in the morning. I had to decline though because I wasn’t ready and had some stuff to do back in the city. I wanted to lay on the sand with total silence so I could hear the sound of the waves whenever it hit the shore. However, talking with this family was also refreshing.


My friend and I went back to the sea for a dip and got to know each other better. He’s from Argentina and he couldn’t believe he is now in Palawan. According to him, their country isn’t that rich and a vacation in another country wasn’t cheap for them. He was an architect back home and now have decided to work as a cook in New Zealand to save up for his next trip. Though it was unplanned, he thanked me for showing him around.

So before we left, Kuya Ronald and Ate Josephine made me promise to come back and find them. And we would do some old-school style of spear fishing and catch some seafood together.

Then I had to endure another hour on the motorcycle as the sun was already down. I was a bit scared but my happiness was greater than my fear that I had a smile on our way back to the city.

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3 Responses

  1. JL Arnaiz says:

    love to see more photos on this place =)

    • onlyvic says:

      Hi JL! I wasnt able to take a lot of photos because I got busy talking with the locals and swimming. Haha but i will ask my friend to post some of his photos.

      And im also going back to Palawan because im moving there very soon. Hahaha 😉

  2. It looks so relaxing, refreshing, and one has to feel renewed within and without! Thanks for sharing such sweet bliss Vic! Blessings!

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