A day trip to Osmeña Peak

It’s been a very long while since the last time I went hiking in my own city. I am really not a mountain climber however I have always liked going up the mountains when I had the chance during college but it was more a group activity for school or my organization.

Now that I am about to move back to Manila very soon, I have decided to go to the places I haven’t gone to in Cebu. Cebu has been my home for a decade now and it always has a special spot in my life. This is where I first fell in love, got my heart broken, made a lot of friends, studied since highschool to college and pretty much a part of who and what I am right now.

Osmeña Peak is one of the must-see places here in Cebu that I actually wondered to myself why I haven’t gone there at all!

I then invited some of my friends in Couchsurfing and fortunately someone who hasn’t gone there was more than willing to go with me. Since I had something else to do on a weekend and she has no work on Thursdays, we decided then to do on a Thursday right after I end my work in the morning.


So, off we went to Osmeña Peak!

How we got there:
We took the big bus at the Cebu South Bus Terminal going southwards to Oslob or Bato via Dalaguete. We were dropped off at the Dalaguete junction and took a habal-habal (motorcycle) going to Mantalungon Market. Since I didn’t have the luxury of time because I still had to go to work later that evening, we had to take the habal-habal up to the foot  of the mountain

Another option was to take the mini bus at the Cebu City’s Carbon market which would take you directly to the Mantalungon Market. But we were told that the bus schedule was unpredictable. And because I didn’t have enough time, we chose to take the one in Cebu South Bus Terminal which leaves every 30 minutes.

Then we started hiking up to peak. The habal-habal driver offered to be our guide. However, it’s also possible not to take a guide with you. Since this is being frequented by mountain climbers and some foreigners, the trail has already been established and was easy to follow.

It only took us 30minutes to get on the peak. It wasn’t that hard to climb there which makes the experiece amazing. Because we didn’t have to go through so much difficulty to see the beautiful place. It was indeed refreshing be on top and see almost everything below!

You will also see the Mantalungon range which are grouped together overlooking and stretching as far as the Badian shorelines. Visually, it looks so much like the Chocolate hills of Bohol but the Mantalungon Range is thinner and have sharper pointed peaks.

After an hour of chilling at the peak and taking our photos, we decided to stary hiking down so I could  still go home before I go to work.

Osmeña Peak was definitely a great place to visit! Down the mountain, you’d see vegetation all around! You’d feel like you’re somewhere else owning everything you can see from above!


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5 Responses

  1. What a beautiful place to call home – as a native of Los Angeles I like the mountains surrounding my home, but nothing like this!

    • onlyvic says:

      It really is a beautiful city full of mountains at the same time beautiful beaches around. I feel sad that I have to leave this place I call home for 10 years now however, I am enjoying everything while it lasts. Have you gone here in the Philippines? If you haven’t, you should! haha :)

  1. September 13, 2013

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  2. September 26, 2013

    […] the past few weeks, I have gone to Kawasan Falls, Gilutungan Island, climb Osmeña Peak and Sirao Peak via Budlaan Falls. Everything fell into its places as I have wanted to go to places […]

  3. September 26, 2013

    […] the past few weeks, I have gone to Kawasan Falls, Gilutungan Island, climb Osmeña Peak and Sirao Peak via Budlaan Falls. Everything fell into its places as I have wanted to go to places […]

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