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First taste of rain 1

Taste of Rain

  Elmo’s first taste of the rain in the island of Camotes Let’s teach our children about the rain, the beauty of sunshine, how the wind brush their faces by letting them play in...

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Island Blues

Loooong day yesterday, from one island to another and then back again. Over 8kms on the bangka, more than 150kms on a motorcycle and 13kms on feet. Please like & share:

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Hello and goodbye, Anilao!

In search for the place I want Elmo to grow up in, I went to Anilao, Batangas for the first time to check out the place for a possibility to settle down at the...

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A sea of trash

Tapon dito, tapon doon. We pay for a terminal fee everytime we take the boat for maintenance of the terminal but they can’t even have a proper waste disposal around the port. Please like...

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On the boat.

Taking the boat during my recent trips (Manila-Cebu vv) made me see the different faces of the Philippines in one place. Foreigners, travelers, missionaries, couples, groups of friends, students, lower class families, upper middle...


BCBA 2014: A blogger’s story

On the same month I have moved to my new home, I got an email about my old home being nominated as one of the finalists for two categories at the Best Cebu Blogs...

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