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Supermom on Osmena Peak 2

Supermom on Osmeña Peak!

Supermom on top of Osmena Peak, ohyeahhh! It’s not the mountain I conquered but myself. Because the only question in life is whether you are going to answer a hearty yes or not to...

Taking pleasure seriously! 0

Taking pleasure seriously!

Went rafting to take a “shower massage” under the Kawasan Falls Sunset at the Terra Manna Resort with new friends Glamping at the Terra Manna Resort Danced around the bonfire, booze, laughter with the...

Camera 360 2

Hello, Bohol!

Finally, after years of planning and waiting for me to visit Bohol, the time has arrived. I have been very active and visible in Instagram since April 2012. I have joined our local Igers...

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