I am for Noynoy. I am for the Filipinos.

I seldom talk about politics and who to vote. What I usually say is to practice our right to choose and to do our duty as a Filipino. Click here to read my last post.

It took me a long time to finally decide who to choose for president. Definitely, I wasn’t for Manny Villar. I ruled him out ever since his political ads came out. It’s too good to be true for someone giving out a large sum of money especially during campaign period.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve already believed that, “Sa isang pulitiko napapako ang mga pangako.” This concept was the usual ad to guide people during elections. With Villar comes a lot of promises that makes me more convinced not to go for him.

Gibo Teodoro could have been a better bet if he’s not running under the administration. He is indeed a smart person and has a good bearing. But for me, when it comes to politics, I fear more of those people who know a lot.

He chose to run because he was told to do so and was chosen by the administration. I will never vote for anyone whose loyalty is not for the people and by the people. And with politics, you can’t get away from one thing without giving the favor back to those people behind your candidacy. Don’t he ever give me that crap of owing it to the Filipinos.

Dick Gordon lacks the charisma. There are of course who believe in him. But it’s just not enough. A leader should have the over-all quality needed for the position. I really don’t have much to say about him because there’s nothing much to discuss. He’s not an option for me.

Erap is definitely off my list.

Noynoy Aquino. A lot of people do question his credibility for the position and even going as far as questioning his mental state. But why now? Why have you voted him for the senate? The qualifications to be in any government position are the same and would demand more if you run for a higher position. But definitely, if you are not physically and mentally fit for the position, I don’t think the COMELEC will take his application. Or if they do, the people are not stupid to choose someone who is not mentally fit. So, why are these coming out just in time when the hype of having Noynoy run for president is up?

He has not successfully passed a law or did something remarkable during his terms. But I would go for someone who may have not done so much for us in the past but has the clean intentions rather than someone who has done a lot yet we are being fooled or to be fooled. Everyone started from nothing and I believe that someone whose people behind him can be trusted will be guided to the right path.

Coming here in Manila helped me so much to see more about these candidates. And there’s really a difference that it gave me. Cebuanos that I know are usually for Gibo and they claim to have a smart choicebecause their bet is intelligent. However, Manilenos that I’ve met and the people I know are for Noynoy. I asked them why and why not. I compared their reasons with what the Cebuanos know and it made an impact to me.

I am not voting under my family or anyone else’s influence. As much as I respect others’ choices,I have weighed my reasons on why and why not. There are lots in my mind but I am just not that comfortable talking about politicians. :)

May we practice our right to choose and perform our duties without complaining.

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