I vote. :)

If you dream nothing for your country, don’t utter a single word. If you think you sound smart and witty if you talk in a sarcastic and “pilosopo” way, well you’re not. As long as there are people who care for his country and fellow citizens, there will always hope in this struggling place.

Funny I was riding the jeepney earlier when I heard two men talking about who to vote for president. One man I think was somewhat like a boss to the second man. The latter one was sarcastically saying that he would vote for Villar though he wanted to vote Gibo but since Gibo has a lesser chance of winning than Villar, he’d rather go for Villar to make use of his vote.  He added, “tiwasan na lang ni nato atong nasod.”

Did he really think he sounded so smart? Even his boss didn’t say anything and was even trying to avoid such topic. But the other guy really insisted.

There are only two things that man can have:

1) he deserves nothing from our beloved country

2) he doesn’t have any right to complain about what’s going on in our country coz in the first place, he never did his responsibility — to practice his right to vote wisely.

One vote will definitely make a difference.  No matter what.

Coz apathy is the worst enemy of this country and is an accomplice of corruption.

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3 Responses

  1. Kristine Roa says:

    Hi Yang did you register? I felt bad I didn’t. :(

  2. onlyvic says:

    hi tin! yes i did when I turned 18. haha then i was able to vote right away. i was too excited to practice my right. it feels good to have chosen people though not all didn’t win. but at least i got a say. :)

  1. May 3, 2010

    […] May 3, 2010 I am for Noynoy. I am for the Filipinos. Posted by onlyvic under Uncategorized Leave a Comment  I seldom talk about politics and who to vote. What I usually say is to practice our right to choose and to do our duty as a Filipino. Click here to read my last post. […]

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