Living au naturel!


Living au naturel!

I never understood what a hippie really meant nor do I consider myself one. All I know is I love walking barefoot along the beach or up the mountains. While most girls grow their hair long, I chop mine off and as much as they want to have fair skin, I go basking under the sun.

The past weekends have made me feel liberated from the responsibilities I have without actually forgetting them. By far, the last one has topped it all. This is just the beginning coz we still have to go to the island I have been dying for. Though we weren’t able to do the Island Plan A because of the rough waves, we definitely rocked Island Plan B!

Walking around the island barefoot (since I only bring my sneakers with me whenever I go on a trip), gone skinny dipping under the full moon, had my rhum neat while the rest were having rhum coke, slept in our tents, woke up early to get some real good rest along the seashore with these beautiful creatures while the beautiful sun was rising and since we couldn’t jump off the cliff because the waves were too big and rough, we settled down on skinny dipping under the sun with the beach all to ourselves. How liberating it felt!

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