My son Elmo


My son Elmo

It’s been exactly a month after I visited my son back home in Manila. Exactly 4 months since my son have moved in with my mother. It’s never easy. Not at all.

Yes, I have been going out so much since the time my son moved. But the happiness I feel when I am with him cannot be compared to those times that I spend with my friends. I’d rather be anywhere with my son. Soon, when things fall into its right place.

You can say that hanging out with my friends and doing my local trips are my ways to cope up with the loneliness I feel away from my son. I just wish things are that easy right now and be with him. We’ll get by.

For now, I have the biggest reason to look forward to this weekend. I am going home to Manila to visit and spend the whole weekend with my beloved son.

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