My Sweetest hangover in Hong Kong

On my third day in HK, I became friends with a Venezuelan guy who is based in the UK. He was stopping by HK for two days on his way to the Philippines, my beloved country. Since it’s his first time to visit HK, he asked me to pick him up at the Mongkok station where he was staying nearby. So, I did.

I met him and his other new friend (he met in the hostel where he was staying). I asked them where we were heading to and they just gave me the blank stare and said that they were thinking of me showing them around HK. I was like okayyy as if I was a local!

But of course, I was confident that I could show them something in HK. Luis, the Venezuelan guy, wanted to drink somewhere. Okay, that was not a part of my itinerary so I practically didn’t know where to drink. However, since I was acting like a local, I told them we could drink by the Victoria Harbour where my HK-based Cebuano friends brought me the night before.

Off we took the MTR going to Tsim Sha Tsui and exited through the East Tsim Sha Tsui. We bought 2 cans of beer each at 7-Eleven and went up the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, opened them and drank. After an hour or so, I felt like going to the public toilet and excused myself. Know what these new friends of mine did? They waited for me outside, making sure I’d be safe. Or maybe they were just afraid that I’d lose them. Nah, they were really gentlemen.

Luis still wanted to drink more beer. Davy, the other guy who is currently studying in a university back in his country, wanted no more because he was on a budget. Luis then looked at me, waiting for my response with a look in his begging me to say yes. Of course, I was up for some more, especially that I was already having fun with them.


Off we went to 7-Eleven to buy more cans of beer and I tried to offer some money. But Luis said he was taking care of it. Now, that’s what we’re talking about – free beer! Instead of going back to where we stayed earlier, I decided that we go down along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. Yes, we drank beer at the Avenue of Stars by midnight!

That feeling of not talking about yourself or anything personal but it felt like you’ve been friends for so long… Yes, it felt that way. We didn’t even have the time to take photos of us together. We talked, laughed, teased each other, drank beer and laughed again.

When I started feeling a bit tipsy and I remembered I had to wake up early next day, I told them I needed to get some sleep. It was already 3AM. Of course, these guys felt like they needed to bring me home. So, we walked a couple of blocks going to my hostel while we drank our beer and laughing.

Davy wanted to try eating at the Chungking Mansions because of the infamous stories we’ve heard about the place. We were kind of scared when we got there, it was dirty and didn’t smell good at all. But we acted confident just so he could try eating some Indian food. We chose the stall we saw was clean and not crowded. I didn’t feel like eating nor Luis. So, we just let Davy eat his curry while we were waiting. He was too happy that he asked us to take a photo of himself eating.


Then they brought me home and we said good night with each other. They continued walking to Mongkok and bought beer in each 7-Eleven store they passed by along the way.

Then I had a good night sleep and woke up with the sweetest hangover in Hong Kong.

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2 Responses

  1. Davy is so cute. :) You’re lucky to be drinking with these guys not because I find Davy cute but for taking care of you.

    • onlyvic says:

      Hahahaha! He really is cute and nice. Too bad, we weren’t able to exchange contact details. However, I did meet Luis again here in the Philippines when I got back from HK. I was lucky to have met them and drank beer with in my favorite city.

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