On our way to Budlaan Falls.


On our way to Budlaan Falls.

This was just one of the easy things we did. You know, we couldn’t snap photos while we were climbing the rocks.

It may have been easy for the others. However, it wasn’t for us! We thought we did our research and believed it was something for us to do.

Inexperienced, didn’t even have the right gear and didn’t bring the right things except for water and a little food. Our food wasn’t even enough. Didn’t bother to get someone to guide us. No map to check on the trail. It was all gut feeling where we thought was the right way. Good thing, we saw some houses and some woodsmen that we were able to ask for some directions. But most of the time, it was just us in the middle of paradise.

We knew climbing or hiking could be hard but we never thought going to Sirao could be this hard. We were literally sticking our bodies on the rocks to climb.

The way up the Budlaan Falls (after we went swimming) was the most tricky part. I didn’t look down because it will only make my heart skip a beat or two and I’d get dizzy just by thinking how else was I going up the rock while my friend was already able to do it.Holding on the water hose with ants all over it, wishing it wouldn’t break because we might be too heavy. We held on the tree branches which wasn’t really a good idea but was the only thing we could hold on to aside from the big rocks. Because according to the woodsman, it was the only way going up the Budlaan Falls to Sirao. We knew there was no turning back for us, we were already half way and we couldn’t just give up and go back for nothing. We kept moving forward until we could see a trail.

Lesson learned. We should do our homework before getting on a climb/hike.

Thankfully, we were mentally ready and alert. We just knew we had to keep going. And the magical experience was all worth it. Definitely gonna do it again. And we better be fully prepared.

We’re even planning to go back there soon and bring some more friends! Though not all the way up to Sirao, Budlaan Falls is worth sharing to our friends.

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3 Responses

  1. The photos are beautiful and I am glad it was a delightful trip for you! Thanks for sharing the beauty you embraced that day Vic! Spiritual hugs and blessings!

    • onlyvic says:

      Thank you for the sweet words, my friend! It’s definitely a start for more trips like this one. It’s cheap and you get far more than what you spend for. It’s a great way of getting closer to things we’re no longer used to these days.

  1. September 17, 2013

    […] The woodsman had to go back to what he was doing so he told us where we needed to pass. And this was the hardest… see my post about this most tricky part. […]

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