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Island Blues

Loooong day yesterday, from one island to another and then back again. Over 8kms on the bangka, more than 150kms on a motorcycle and 13kms on feet.

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Hello and goodbye, Anilao!

In search for the place I want Elmo to grow up in, I went to Anilao, Batangas for the first time to check out the place for a possibility to settle down at the...

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A sea of trash

Tapon dito, tapon doon. We pay for a terminal fee everytime we take the boat for maintenance of the terminal but they can’t even have a proper waste disposal around the port.

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On the boat.

Taking the boat during my recent trips (Manila-Cebu vv) made me see the different faces of the Philippines in one place. Foreigners, travelers, missionaries, couples, groups of friends, students, lower class families, upper middle...


BCBA 2014: A blogger’s story

On the same month I have moved to my new home, I got an email about my old home being nominated as one of the finalists for two categories at the Best Cebu Blogs...

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2nd EcoCamp: Sustainable Eco-Tourism

Last October 25-26, 2014, SEED4COM held its 2ndEcoCamp: Island Warrior Trash Heroes Project in Gilutongan Island with the participation of different organizations like the Kindred Nomad Project, Quota International Cebu, Rotary Club – Mandaue...