Philippines’ Balut vs. Cambodia’s Pong Tia Koon

I felt like I’m home and nostalgic of my childhood days when I saw a balut vendor while I was having coffee with my travel buddy along Pub Street. We’ve been here for a week now, such a shame that this is the only place I know… as of yet. But we are not in a hurry, we have some months to explore this beautiful country.

I honestly didn’t know that balut can be found here in Cambodia. Worse, I don’t know much about Cambodia until I got here last week. So, everything we are doing here is all unplanned which is the best part of this experience.

Piub Street

And here’s a quick comparison between the two versions of my favorite childhood snacks.

Availability: Cambodia, night and day.

Options for age of the egg: Philippines has more choices.

Food presentation: Cambodia. Served in a disposable bowl with pepper, lime juice, garlic and chili with laksa leaves.


Taste: Cambodia’s balut rely on the condiments put together. Philippine balut is a lot tastier even with just salt and native vinegar mixed in it. For some people, they don’t even put anything. So, Philippines it is.

Balut cart: I love how we sell them wrapped in cloth and placed inside a rattan basket. It gives our own Philippine touch in it. And the vendors don’t need to keep heating the eggs. That’s why it’s called ‘balut’, because it’s wrapped. :)


Eating experience: Philippines. The excitement and thrill of peeling the egg shell just enough to sip the broth and opening it half to add vinegar and salt to consuming the yolk and the chick. Especially for first-timers. Plus eating balut when you’re drunk makes it just perfect! With Khmer style, the soup sometimes don’t go in the bowl. :)

Price: Cambodia, $1 for three eggs!

Either way, they’re both good!

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