Prologue to Sirao Peak

Just like what I have mentioned in my previous post, I am about to be moving back to Manila and I have a month to explore the places in my beloved Cebu where I haven’t gone to within the 10 years I have stayed here.

Just last week, I was able to conquer myself in Osmeña Peak, the highest mountain in the province of Cebu. In the same week, I have learned about Sirao Peak which I read about online. The blog I read didn’t give much details about how hard or easy the climb could be. All I saw were the photos of the beautiful river and waterfalls the place has.

On the other hand, I was in touch with another local couchsurfer who has the same interests I have – to explore places in Cebu we haven’t gone to. And this beautiful lady’s name is Jammy. So, I sent her the link of the blog and asked her if she wanted to climb with me. She also had the same thoughts that I had about the photos. So, we decided we’re going to climb Sirao Peak together.

A week after we talked about it, we agreed to meet each other on Sunday. I already knew it would take 8 hours to finish the climb so I told her that we’d meet by 5:30AM and start the hike by 6AM so we could end early in the afternoon.

I was too excited a night before that I slept early. The next day, we texted each other upon waking up. By 6AM, we were already about to take the “habal-habal” from Sunny Hills, Talamban to Brgy. Budlaan.

Since it was our first time, I didn’t know about Sitio Baogo, so I chose for us to drop by Budlaan Barangay Hall where we could ask a little about going to Budlaan Falls.


On our way to Sition Baogo


About to start our way to find Kabang River.


From the barangay hall to Sitio Baogo, it took us another hour to finally get to the starting point. The road was really steep that we had to stop once in a while to catch one’s breath at the same time, we got to know each other.

That day was actually our first time to meet. It’s not really new for me but for most of my friends are surprised with the way I meet people. In my own opinion, it was another great way to make new friends with people you have the same interests with.

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2 Responses

  1. Your post made me realize that I still have lots to explore in Cebu. I’m here for 20 years and I haven’t been to Osmeña Peak or Sirao. 😀

    • onlyvic says:

      I just don’t wanna leave Cebu without getting to know it better than I already have. I don’t wanna look back regretting that I wasn’t able to go to places that I could have. Because I know when I move back to Manila and migrate, it might take a long while before I could do these things. :)

      You should go to these places. Definitely brings you closer to the wonders of Cebu. It’s never too late.

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