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BalikBalay: Rebuilding Families

As the new year 2015 greeted me with a positive energy, I am also about to start another volunteer project — Balik Balay Shelter for Typhoon (Yolanda) Survivors. The said project has been originally...

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Taste of Rain

  Elmo’s first taste of the rain in the island of Camotes Let’s teach our children about the rain, the beauty of sunshine, how the wind brush their faces by letting them play in...

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Island Blues

Loooong day yesterday, from one island to another and then back again. Over 8kms on the bangka, more than 150kms on a motorcycle and 13kms on feet. Please like & share:

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Philippines, my home.

PLACES LIVED Manila (1989-1994, 2010-2011, 2014-present) My Parents have been living in Manila since they were teenagers, finished school, started working and finally met each other through my Mom’s bestfriend who was related to...

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