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2nd EcoCamp: Sustainable Eco-Tourism

Last October 25-26, 2014, SEED4COM held its 2ndEcoCamp: Island Warrior Trash Heroes Project in Gilutongan Island with the participation of different organizations like the Kindred Nomad Project, Quota International Cebu, Rotary Club – Mandaue...

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The children of the island

It wasn’t part of the plan to take this photo especially not with my foot in it. However, there was something about this photo which I took after a long walk around the island....

Taking pleasure seriously! 0

Taking pleasure seriously!

Went rafting to take a “shower massage” under the Kawasan Falls Sunset at the Terra Manna Resort with new friends Glamping at the Terra Manna Resort Danced around the bonfire, booze, laughter with the...

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