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Budlaan Falls 2

We made it to Sirao Peak!

Around 7AM, we were already on our way from Sitio Baogo to the Budlaan River. It started just fine and we kept talking with each other until we had to take off our footwear...

Jammy 2

Meet my climbing buddy, Jammy

Jammy and I first kept in touch in Couchsurfing about going to Osmeña Peak however we were not able to go there together because of my work schedule. So, I sent her a link...

Prologue to Sirao Peak 2

Prologue to Sirao Peak

Just like what I have mentioned in my previous post, I am about to be moving back to Manila and I have a month to explore the places in my beloved Cebu where I...


On our way to Budlaan Falls.

This was just one of the easy things we did. You know, we couldn’t snap photos while we were climbing the rocks. It may have been easy for the others. However, it wasn’t for...

????????????? 5

Making love with Budlaan Falls

It wasn’t easy at all for me and my friend but the climb experience was totally worth it! We were both inexperienced ladies who didn’t even bother to get someone to guide us through...

Supermom on Osmena Peak 2

Supermom on Osmeña Peak!

Supermom on top of Osmena Peak, ohyeahhh! It’s not the mountain I conquered but myself. Because the only question in life is whether you are going to answer a hearty yes or not to...

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