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Supermom on Osmena Peak 2

Supermom on Osmeña Peak!

Supermom on top of Osmena Peak, ohyeahhh! It’s not the mountain I conquered but myself. Because the only question in life is whether you are going to answer a hearty yes or not to...

Taking pleasure seriously! 0

Taking pleasure seriously!

Went rafting to take a “shower massage” under the Kawasan Falls Sunset at the Terra Manna Resort with new friends Glamping at the Terra Manna Resort Danced around the bonfire, booze, laughter with the...

Shek O 2

A quick glance of Shek O beach

As much as I wanted to spend more time in this beautiful place, I wasn’t able to when I got an SMS from my Venezuelan friend, Luis on my way to Shau Kei Wan....

Tsing 2

My Sweetest hangover in Hong Kong

On my third day in HK, I became friends with a Venezuelan guy who is based in the UK. He was stopping by HK for two days on his way to the Philippines, my beloved...

DisneyHK 2

Wandered in Hong Kong Disneyland!

“I resent the limitations of my own imagination.” -Walt Disney Going to Disneyland was included in my initial itinerary during my trip to Hong Kong. However, a day before my scheduled visit to Disneyland,...

Clock Tower 2

The Clock Tower

2 years of not being able to do what I really wanted. One week in Hong Kong without thinking about work… one week of no communication with my little man. Only a little time...

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