Taking pleasure seriously!


  • Went rafting to take a “shower massage” under the Kawasan Falls
  • Sunset at the Terra Manna Resort with new friends
  • Glamping at the Terra Manna Resort
  • Danced around the bonfire, booze, laughter with the girls
  • Stargazing
  • Woke up at 5AM and went solo swimming at the beach
  • Breakfast and chilling around
  • Feeding program with the couchsurfers of the KIND Project, GO English Academy for the families of the fishing community in Cordova, Cebu.
  • Sunset along the Lantaw Floating Restaurant
  • Some beer with amazing people
  • (Not in the photos) Cheap but definitely great barbecue dinner at Tanya’s
  • (Not in the photos) Brandy  and more laughter for the weekend at a new friend’s place

Taking pleasure seriously! Definitely another weekend for the books.

Should I say more? 😀

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