Thanks God for sharing Cory to all of us, Filipinos.

Oh yeah, it’s been a while since the last time I played on the keys to post some blogs that I only update my status message in Facebook via my phone just to you know, kee you posted. Lol.

Wondering why? Well, I also do. But that doesn’t matter. I’ll be back on track soon… posting blogs, organizing gigs, hanging out with my favorite friends (lol!) and pretty much being myself again :)

First stop, former President Corazon Aquino has passed away and yeah, this post came rather late from me. But, still I wanna pay my honors for her. I grew up with my mom telling me how great Cory was during her presidency. “Walang bahid ng corruption at kasakiman,” were my mom’s exact description of Cory.

Though I only knew her after her presidency because I was born in 1989 and first studied about her back in 1st grade in our Araling Panlipunan, I know by heart who and what she really was for all of us Filipinos. My mom has been her loyalist and my dad though a supporter of Erap back in his time as the president till he was impeached, never disagreed with what Cory stood and fought for.

And this loyalty is passed on to me and my brother.

When I saw how all Filipinos and even people from other countries paid their tribute makes me think that sooner or later she’ll be declared a hero (which she should be) and a saint (something that is possible). And maybe another, paper bill? Well, PGMA did have her father on a paper bill and I wonder for what reason did she do that.

And PGMA should really be careful on whatever actions she’s taking on her last year as the president coz she knows better how much Filipinos are mourning for Cory and have now realized the worth of being a Filipino.

And I just wish, our pride for being a Filipino won’t end even if Cory left us physically. Whatever we felt and said when we first knew about her death and all the good things we’ve said about her will bring us somewhere and use them to make us better FILIPINOS.

Let’s continue and keep the fire the burning in our hearts for all Cory fought for.

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