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These past few months have been the hardest for me as a mother. Since May 2013, I have decided that my son will be well taken care of by my mother who is based in Manila (an hour flight from my current city, Cebu) because we couldn’t find the right nanny for my son. As a single mom, I have to work harder, think less about what I want and make sure my son gets all his needs. Then, off he went to move in with my mother.

On the day I gave birth with Elmo, I promised him and myself,too that we will never be living apart. For more than a year, I got used to going home from work seeing my son waiting for me by the door. As much as I wanna get some rest, playing with him was just refreshing.

Now that he’s with my mom, I know he’s happy, pampered, well taken care of, healthy and learning so many new things everyday. But I would always want to be with him.

I had to fly to Manila to see him and only get to spend a few days over the weekend then come back to Cebu for work. The whole month of July was the longest time that we were not able to be with each other. I already had my trip to Hong Kong all planned out for July 2013 since last year. So, to cut costs, I wasn’t able to go to Manila last month.

The weekend after my Hong Kong trip, I flew right away to Manila to spend the long weekend with him.

I was so excited that as soon as I was out of the airplane, I was almost running to go out of the airport and hug my sweetest son. However, it was just my big brother who picked me up. My son fell asleep right before they were about pick me up. So, he just had to stay home and sleep.

As soon as I stepped inside our house, I went straight to Elmo’s room and seeing him sleep was heaven to me. Like I felt everything around me turned slow motion, lullabies playing so sweet and I could even smell Elmo’s scent. Then his sleep got disturbed, so I smiled and waved at him.

The moment he heard my voice and saw me, he woke up and gave me the sweetest smile. It was as if he wasn’t sleepy at all and was so cooperative when I took a video of him posted on my Instagram account.

This video was taken just a few minutes upon Elmo’s woke up.

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  1. Awww… Elmo was so happy to see you. Somehow I felt sad reading this post. Sad for you and Elmo that you have to be apart. :(

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