The magic word

I met an old friend as I went out the bookstore whom I have spent fun times with in the past when I was well, in my immature days together with our other friends. We have all gone separate ways, some are still together, some have just focused on different things.

That moment when your eyes have met, when you think you could say anything to each other because you had fun together yet the only words that came out were, “Hey, you’re here!”, “How are you?”, “Are you waiting for someone.” And then you paused for loss of words to say and just smiled at each other with the awkward silence around.

Then after a few seconds of thinking what to say next, the magic word was asked, “How’s your kid?”

I overwhelmed my friend with the words I said. I shared him the most recent highlights of my 1-year old son who has started walking, having his own way of thinking, knowing what he wants and not want, his unsatisfied curiosity of the things around him and how much talkative he is.

My son is my magic word. We may be at loss of words to say about anything else, but I can go on and on when it’s about my son or your kids. Since he couldn’t really relate on having his own kid, after I talked about my son, he smile and was nodding as if he really understood what was going on with me that time. He no longer had anything else to ask me and I also had none for him, so we bade each other goodbye saying, “I’ll see you around.” And in my mind, I know we’ll talk just about the same way we just did today. And it’s like thins with my other friends whom I haven’t met for a while.

Though it’s like this, I’m happy that they cared enough to ask about my son even if it’s just for the sake of asking. Still, it meant so much for me for anyone to ask about me and my son. It’s my big reason why I’m living with much less baggage in my life and happier!Image

Elmo with his signature pose with the camera. ♥


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5 Responses

  1. Really a wonderful and sincere post. Your words are soothing and genuine, as is your heart…you and your son, the way it should be…enjoy every moment, you will always make your own happiness. What you accomplish for yourself and for him will be always what will tie you together in the future. Wonderful picture of him. Your words and you heart shines brightly as well as his smile! Thanks for sharing!

    • onlyvic says:

      Hi Wendell! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Things may have been a lot different now from the lifestyle I had in the past, I am happier this way. Though I only get to go out with my friends (without my son) so rarely, I am happier. I’d rather go out with my son and I’d be happier! Life and especially motherhood isn’t the easiest, but it makes me happy! And I won’t trade it for anything else. ♥

  2. Joycelyn says:

    Your kid is one of the cutest I have ever seen :) I am very sure everyone will be delighted to hear your story about him. Have a happy day dearie :)

    • onlyvic says:

      Thank you Joycelyn! He is the most handsome man in my life! ♥ Even with strangers, whenever we’re in the malls or restaurants, strangers couldn’t resist but approach my son. It’s no exaggeration but yes, even strangers gets an effect from my son. ♥

  3. I am feeling you…my daughters will always be the light and loves of my life….they are so important to me and it never changes, their smiles always lifts my heart and makes it return the same to them. Your son will always be that way to you, another nice post!

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