Under Construction: Cottages for Merida, Leyte

Little by little, the Kindred Nomads are on its way to complete 9 cottages in the municipality of Merida, Leyte.

The group has committed to provide construction materials for a decent room that a family can have to start from in rebuilding their homes after the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda has hit most parts of the Visayas region.

The group has chosen the small town of Merida to be an example that we can do anything to help even if we do not have much. Almost 5 months after the tragic event of Haiyan, there are still a lot of families struggling to stand up on their own due to different factors — not enough awareness of what’s going on and what to expect, providing relief goods without knowing if it’s properly distributed to those in need, people in charge of the relief/rehabilitation efforts abusing their position. However, this shouldn’t stop anyone who would want to contribute in making a difference.

Our group, the Kindred Nomad Project envisions that through the construction materials we provide while the beneficiary-families would provide the labor/carpentry in rebuilding their homes, they would also learn to value the help they get from other people and to pay it forward to the people around them.

There are also challenges that our group and the beneficiaries are facing — extreme weather condition, conflict of schedule in their work and the little time they could have in rebuilding their own homes and the lack of supply. There have been 3 typhoons that hit Leyte in the past 3 months, heavy rain pour for a couple of days that makes it harder for the locals to do what things in a timely manner. Most of the fathers of each family work as a carpenter or a helper to a carpenter as a means of livelihood. They work 6 days a week which leaves them only a day to rebuild their own houses. Of course, they also need to work to get through their daily needs.

But little by little, our group together with the beneficiary-families, we should be able to complete the construction of 9 cottages by April 2014. Because we are in this together.

(Not in the album are two more houses because during last week’s visit in Merida, Leyte, typhoon ‘Caloy’ was around which made it difficult to visit the other areas where these beneficiaries are located. Hopefully, we can get updates for the two cottages soon.)

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  1. The beauty of your selfless heart shines ever beautifully through your words my sister! It always shines radiantly when you help others! Have a wonderful Sunday Vic!

    • onlyvic says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, brother Wendell! I do not have much but I am doing what I can in my own little ways through the help and support of my family and friends. We are in this together. 😉

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