Wandered in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Wandered in Hong Kong Disneyland!

“I resent the limitations of my own imagination.”
-Walt Disney

Going to Disneyland was included in my initial itinerary during my trip to Hong Kong. However, a day before my scheduled visit to Disneyland, I kind of decided not to go instead. I am not really fond of theme parks and we, Filipinos have Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna. So, I’d rather visit other places that can’t be found easily in my own country.

However, my friend JM who arrived the next day insisted that I go with her. Since it’s her first time in HK and wasn’t really good in finding her way through places alone, I told her that I was going to bring her there but I wouldn’t be coming in with her. So, off we took the MTR and headed to most children’s favorite place.

We arrived around noon. And yes, after all the convincing talk my friend JM gave me, I was excited to get in Disneyland!

It was one of those liberating days that I have since I became a mother. A day of no worries and all play!

Too much excitement that we felt like running all around and go on all the rides that we see. We were once again children whose happiness was to play and watch our favorite Disney characters, but this time we actually see them. We of course went to see Mickey Mouse and had photos with him!

Mickey Mouse

Honestly, there’s so much that I wanna share here about our trip to Disneyland. Overwhelmed that I couldn’t put them into words.

One thing is for sure, it was a great playful experience! ♥


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2 Responses

  1. Disneyland is one of the places I plan to bring Lance for a tour soon or when he is older enough to remember. 😀

    • onlyvic says:

      Me, too! I couldn’t help but imagine how Elmo would enjoy the place if I bring him. Soon, I can travel with him. He loves going out. His eyes twinkle whenever we go somewhere else and he’s never hard to be with when we’re out of the house. It would be fun traveling with our sons! ♥

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