With social media comes greater responsibility

It took me a while to realize that the use of social media comes with maturity and responsibility on what I post online about myself and most especially about my little boy.

I started using the internet when I was 10 years old for school stuff and just the thought of knowing more about what’s going on around me, things that happen miles away from me and even made a lot of friends online. From mirc to Friendster, blogging in Multiply, WordPress ad now to Facebook which my profile was set up in the later part of 2007.

From the time I have set up Facebook, my long-time friends (even those I havent met in person) have seen the changes I have gone through in terms of using the different social media sites. When my FB profile was new, I posted random stuff about myself and even rants that didn’t need to be posted. Cursing words just because something pissed me off and I just wanted people to know about it, yes I did this. I event felt sad that my relationship status hadn’t changed to “in a relationship with…” just like my friends had. For some time, I felt I had to fit in the way I see things online.

On the other hand, I met people online and made meaningful friendship with, even those from other countries and most I havent met in the real world. These are people I met through common online interests — forums, groups and online communities. Some I have met offline after years of being online friends. And it felt good because it was as if we’ve been friends offline for so long after being able to get updated about each other online.

No, social media has not made real friendship or conversation depreciated. It has actually been helpful to keep the friendship going with friends who have moved somewhere else and it’s good to stay connected. But it also takes maturity to use the social media responsibly.

When I got in a relationship, that time taught me to choose what I could post online. When I was in a fight with my partner, I knew I didn’t have to talk about it online nor the problems I had. As time goes by, my posts online started to decrease but my life offline was equally productive.

No, I didn’t choose to post only the good stuff to make people believe I have a good life they should envy. I post the things I believe people could learn from. I am not someone who knows more than anyone else. As much as I wanna learn from the things I read online, I also want people to learn from my own experiences. We have the luxury of technology that many generations ago didn’t have, why not use it effectively?

On my next post, I will be talking about the significance of photos of our children we may or may not publish online. Let me know your thoughts about it as well and we could talk about it in my next post.

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4 Responses

  1. pcastillon says:

    I totally agree with what you wrote and being responsible in using social media. Maybe would defend themselves that it’s “freedom of speech” and it’s their “right” to speak their minds. What they are ignorant to, is that every freedom, every right, should always be accompanied with responsibility.

    • onlyvic says:

      Hi, Psyche! Thanks for dropping by. :)

      I agree with you. :) For me, it’s not wrong to use the social media in talking about things, it may be negative or positive about us or the things around us. However, we should also keep in mind that even if we don’t care about what others think about us, we need to make sure that what we post is something of substance to the people that we share our posts with.

      Some would say, “if others get annoyed by what they post, then feel free to unfriend them.” We should also think that our own social media profiles is not always about us. That’s why we get connected with other people because we want to share things with them. And that’s when responsibility comes in different ways.

  2. A meaningful message, and so you! Never change for anyone, you are always a refreshing gift to this world! God bless!

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